Please be sure to check before purchasing

[About the product]

  • Please be aware of the following points regarding the characteristics of the product.
    • The color of the actual product may differ from the photo depending on your monitor or browser.
    • Sizes are listed in centimeters and may differ by 1-3 cm from the actual size.
    • Specifications may change depending on the production period.
    • Our store is a select shop for overseas Lolita brands. In rare cases, buttonholes may not be open or may not be open enough, but please understand that this does not mean the item is faulty (customers are required to make holes along the stitching themselves). Similarly, thread ends and sewing (such as zippers that are difficult to open) may be rougher than Japanese products, but please understand that this does not mean the item is faulty. Please understand that in order to provide products at low prices, sewing and inspection standards are different from those of Japanese products.
    • Product packaging (external bags, boxes, etc.) is intended to protect the product, and may be scratched, dirty, torn, or crushed, but this does not affect the quality or use of the product itself. We do not exchange or return products due to package damage, nor do we resend or sell packages alone. Thank you for your understanding.
    • The package may be opened for inspection during customs clearance.

[About product arrangement]

  • Regular products and pre-order items are ordered from overseas manufacturers . We update the product inventory status regularly, but depending on the timing of your order, we may not be able to procure the product due to out-of-stock items or discontinued production. In such cases, we will notify you by email within 3 business days of your order.
  • Once your order is complete, you will receive an automatic order completion email from
    If you have not received the e-mail, please check whether it has been sorted into your spam folder or whether it has been blocked or deleted by an e-mail filter.
  • After the automatic order completion email is sent, we will send you an email confirming that the product has been arranged within 3 business days. The sales contract will be concluded when this email is sent, so please be sure to check the email confirming that the product has been arranged. We will also contact you by email regarding any delays in delivery or other inquiries regarding your order.
  • Please note that any products that are out of stock will be cancelled and refunded.
  • After receiving the product from the overseas manufacturer, we inspect it at the overseas warehouse and ship it to Japan. If any abnormality is found during the inspection, we will order it again.
  • We cannot accept cancellations due to the item not being ready in time for the day you plan to wear it . Please order with plenty of time to spare.
  • If you are in a hurry, please order items that can be shipped immediately from within Japan (limited sizes and colors available).

[Delivery time]

  • For regular products (ordered and shipped from overseas)
    • After placing your order (and confirming your payment), your order will be delivered in approximately 10 to 30 days .
  • For pre-ordered and made-to-order items (ordered and shipped from overseas)
    • Please check the delivery estimates on each product page.
    • If you order this item together with a regular item, we will ship all items together once they are all in stock.
    • For details and notes regarding pre-order items, please click here
  • For immediate delivery items (shipped from within Japan)
    • After placing your order (or after confirming payment for convenience store or bank transfer payments), your order will be shipped within 3 business days.
    • If you order regular products, pre-order products, or made-to-order products at the same time, they will be shipped separately.
    • For details and precautions regarding immediate delivery items, please click here
  • Regular products, pre-order products, and made-to-order products will be shipped to Japan by international mail after ordering and delivered by Sagawa Express or Japan Post. Ready-to-ship products will be delivered from our domestic warehouse (Aichi Prefecture) by Sagawa Express or Japan Post.
  • For the delivery of overseas ordered products such as regular sales, pre-order items, and made-to-order items, the name of the sender on the package will be "Minami Global Logistics Co., Ltd.", to whom we have entrusted international shipping and import/export procedures. As it involves international shipping, the sender on the package will be the name of the Chinese company listed above, not RonRon. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Regular products and pre-order items are imported from overseas, so we cannot answer any inquiries about specific delivery dates. If you need it delivered by a certain date, we recommend purchasing an item for immediate delivery .
  • Due to our contract with the delivery company, we cannot instruct the delivery company to leave the package at the door or deliver it to a parcel box. Please note that we cannot accommodate your request even if you make such a request at the time of ordering. Click here for details.
  • Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, due to the impact of reduced flight services, it may take longer than usual for your item to arrive in Japan. Please understand this and make sure you allow plenty of time when purchasing.
  • If there is a delay beyond the scheduled date, we will contact you separately.
  • If the product cannot be delivered due to a long absence, an incorrect address, etc., the order will be canceled and a cancellation fee will be charged. Click here for details

[About canceling orders, returning or exchanging items]

  • If you wish to cancel or change your order for personal reasons, we will only accept it if you contact us by email or chat within 3 hours of placing the order (however, we cannot cancel or change items that are in stock immediately). After that, we will not be able to accept any cancellations for personal reasons .
  • Returns and exchanges after delivery will only be accepted if the product you received is different from your order or is defective, and you contact us within 3 days of receipt and return the product within 7 days (we do not accept returns or exchanges for reasons of customer convenience (such as not arriving in time for the day you want to wear the product, being different from what you expected, the size not fitting, etc.) ).
  • Please see our refund policy for more details.

    [Payment Method]

    Credit cards must be in the customer's name. For bank transfers and convenience store payments, please pay within 5 days of placing your order.

    • credit card
    • Pay Later
    • PayPay Online Payment
    • Amazon Pay
    • Shop Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Bank transfer (prepayment, bank transfer fees borne by customer)
    • Convenience store payment (prepayment, customer pays transaction fee of 190 yen)

    Convenience store payments can be made at Family Mart, Lawson, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki, and Seico Mart (not available at 7-Eleven)

    [How to contact us]

    • We will contact you via email regarding delivery delays and other order-related matters.
    • Please check your settings so that you can receive emails from our addresses: and
    • Recently, there have been many cases of emails from our company not being received due to spam filters, etc. If you suffer any disadvantages due to not being able to receive emails, you are responsible for them, and our company will not be held responsible in any way.