Would you like to sell your handmade items on consignment?

Would you like to sell your handmade items on Ronron? Online shopping site RonRon is currently recruiting accessory artists who want to sell "handmade accessories"! !

, Lolita sticks , panniers , attached collars , brooches ,
and any other products for Ronron customers are OK!
handmade accessories

We are looking for people like this!

  • Those who create original works
  • People who live in Japan and can ship products
  • Suitable for individuals or groups

  • If you would like to sell such an item, we are also happy to discuss it with you!

    We also accept inquiries about selling such items at Ronron.
    Please feel free to contact us if you would like to tell us about your experience making products and if you would like to discuss creating products for Lonron customers.

    RonRon supports author activities!

    RonRon will handle product registration on the website, communication with customers, etc., so you can concentrate on creating your work !

    Information such as profile introductions will be distributed on Ronron's homepage, SNS, etc.

    Consignment sales example:
    Bishurori designer Shokora

    Shokora is selling Lolita dresses made from high-quality domestic materials from Bishu, Aichi Prefecture, a major textile production area, through crowdfunding.
    Introducing examples of handmade artists

    About sales

    • Our sales agency fee
      15-25% (minimum rate available. Please contact us for details)
    • Shipping costs (shipping costs and packaging costs) are to be borne by the artist.
    • If a customer reports that the product is defective, we will request a resend or refund. In that case, the cost will be borne by the artist.

    Flow of consignment sales

    1. Application <br>Please apply by email (address: info@ronron-lolita.com) with the details below ① Name and contact information (phone number, email address, address)
      ②Photo of the product you wish to sell (if you have a large number of products, please send several variations of each product) or URL where you can check the product

      We will review it and respond via email.

    2. Preparing for sale
      Please let us know the photos and product information of the products that will be posted on RonRon's website.We will also exchange a memorandum of understanding for a sales consignment contract.

    3. Sales start on Ronron HP!

    4. Once the product is sold , we will contact you with the details of your order.The artist will be asked to prepare their own packaging materials and handle the shipping.Shipping will be via a traceable method such as Quick Post or courier. Please send it and let us know the tracking number

    Regulations regarding consignment sales

    • Consignment period <br>Basically, the cycle is 6 months from the date of sale, and it is possible to cancel the consignment sale in the middle of the renewal period.

    • Regarding product pricing <br>The selling price is left to the discretion of the artist, but we may consult with you regarding the selling price depending on the balance with other products.

    • Regarding payment of sales price
      - Payment is made to the designated bank account at the end of each month and at the end of the second following the following month (negotiable)
      - Transfer the amount after deducting our sales commission and transfer fee.

    If you have any questions, please email us at info@ronron-lolita.com or
    Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form ! !


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