Regarding delivery

How much is the shipping cost?

If the purchase amount price is 10,000 yen (including tax) or more.

  • Other than Hokkaido and Okinawa: Free
  • Hokkaido, Okinawa: 600 yen (tax included)


If the purchase amount price is less than 10,000 yen (tax included).

  • Other than Hokkaido and Okinawa: 600 yen (tax included)
  • Hokkaido, Okinawa: 1,200 yen (tax included)

When will the goods arrive?

Cancellation is not possible for the reason that you will not be in time for the wearing date. Please allow plenty of time for your order. If you are in a hurry, please order an Quick delivery item that will be shipped from Japan (size and color are limited).

  • In the case of regular products (ordered and shipped from overseas manufacturers)
    • After your order (after confirmation of payment), we will deliver it in about 10 to 30 days .
  • In the case of reserved products (reserved orders and shipments from overseas manufacturers)
    • Please refer to the individual product pages for estimated delivery times.
    • If you place an order with regular items, we will ship them all together when all the items are ready.
    • In the case of immediate delivery products (shipped from Aichi Prefecture)
      • If you place an order (About convenience store payment and bank transfer for the product, it will be shipped after the confirmation.) by noon on a weekday, we will ship it on the same day. 
      • If you order regular items and reserved items at the same time, they will be shipped separately.
      • Click here for details and notes on quick delivery products.
      • If there is no particular description, it will be "regular product". "Quick delivery item" refers to an Quick delivery item for which "Quick delivery" is selected from the "Delivery" tab.
        • Currently, it may take longer than usual to arrive in Japan due to the impact of global flight reductions due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Please purchase with plenty of time after understanding.
            • Due to the manufacturer's circumstances and overseas circumstances, there is a possibility that the delivery may be delayed from the above schedule. 

            What happens to products with different delivery dates?

            ・In the case of regular products and reserved products

            All items will be shipped together once all items have been collected. If you want to separate the shipment, please order one by one.

            In the case of quick delivery products and regular products or reserved products

            We will send it separately. Please be assured that there is no additional shipping charge.


            Is it possible to deliver on the specified date and time?

            Currently, we do not accept a scheduled delivery request.

            Can I change the shipping address?

            The delivery address cannot be changed after the shipping procedure is completed. Please contact the delivery company (Japan Post/Sagawa Express) directly.

            If it is before the shipping procedure, we will change the shipping address, so please contact us via chat or inquiry .

            We may ask you to verify your identity by phone or submit your identity verification documents. In addition, it may not be possible to change the delivery address even before the shipping procedure. Please note.

            Can I check the current shipping status?

            If you create an account here with the email address you used when ordering, you can check the current shipping status and registered shipping address.

            You can also check by entering the order number and the email address you used when ordering at "Track Order" section of the chat.

            Will I receive an email before shipping?

            We will send you an email at the following two times.
            1. "Notice of International Shipping" email when shipped from overseas warehouse
            2. When the package is handed over to the delivery company at the domestic warehouse, an email will be sent with the "shipment status (domestic tracking number) notification".

            You can check the current delivery status from the tracking number in the email in 2.

            Can I receive my order at a business office (business office receipt) or receive it at a convenience store?

            Sales office stop and convenience store receipt are not possible.

            (It used to be possible before, but it is no longer possible due to change in the contract with the shipping company. Thank you for your understanding.)

            Is it possible to leave or deliver to a delivery box?

            Due to the contract with the delivery company, we cannot instruct the delivery company to leave the package or deliver it to a delivery box.

            If you wish to arrange delivery, please contact the delivery company yourself.

            • For regular products and reserved products, we will inform you of the inquiry number by e-mail after the arrival in Japan, so please contact the delivery company from there.
            • For instant delivery products, the inquiry number is included in the shipping notification email, so please contact the delivery company from there.

              Is it possible to ship outside of Japan? (Can you ship overseas?)

              We cannot ship your order to overseas directly now.

              As a solution, we suggest to use the overseas shipping service (tenso.com).

              For International Customers

              about the order

              Can I cancel or change my order?

              Cancellations or changes to orders due to customer convenience are accepted only if contacted by chat or email within 3 hours of placing the order (however, immediate delivery products cannot be canceled).

              * For overseas orders, delivery may be delayed due to the effects of measures against new coronavirus infections. Please note that cancellations cannot be made for the reason that you will not be in time for the wearing date .

              *If you have a certain date to wear it, or if you are in a hurry, we recommend immediate delivery products (size and color limited).

              I haven't received an order confirmation email. Have you placed your order?

              An order confirmation email will be sent automatically. If your order has been completed and you have not received an email, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

              • There is an error in the email address you entered.
              • sorted into the spam folder
              • Unable to receive spam mail (Even if you do not set it yourself, there are some cases that it is automatically recognized as an error mail by the mail filter and cannot be received)

              In order to receive email smoothly, please set the receiving settings for "info@ronron-lolita.com" and "ronron.lolita@gmail.com" in the domain designation reception and "mail address reception permission settings".

              If you do not receive an order confirmation e-mail within an hour after placing your order, please contact us via chat or contact after setting the above reception permission (please let us know your e-mail address and name at the time of ordering).


              I don't know my order number

              You can find your order number on the order completion page or in the order confirmation email from RonRon.

              "#4 digit number" (Example: #1111)

              will be

              Please note that it is different from the number issued by payment companies such as Amazon Pay and Komoju.

              What payment methods can I use?

              You can choose from the following lists. Please note that credit cards, etc., can only be used in the name of the ordered person.(in order to verify identity, we may ask you to confirm your identity by phone, etc. or to submit identity verification documents). As to bank transfers and convenience store payments, please make payment within 5 days after placing your order.
              • Credit card
              • Bank transfer (transfer fee will be borne by the customer)
              • Convenience store payment (transaction fee of 190 yen will be borne by the customer)
              • paypal
              • PayPay (online payment)
              • Postpay (Payday)
              • Amazon Pay
              • Google Pay
              • Apple Pay
              • Shop Pay

              About returns/exchanges/refunds

              Can I return or exchange an item?

              We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience, such as different from the image or missing the wearing date.

              Please see our Returns Policy for more information.

              I received a product that is different from what I ordered or is defective.

              We apologize for the inconvenience.
              If you receive a different product or a defective product, please notify us by email to info@ronron-lolita.com within 3 days of arrival, specifying your name and order number (if you know) at the time of ordering. 
              *If you attach an image of the defective part when contacting us, we will be able to respond more smoothly after your inquiry. Thank you for your cooperation.
              Please see our Returns Policy for more information.

              About the product

              Please tell me about the size

              Our store is a select shop, so the size varies depending on the product.

              Also, even if the height and weight are the same, the size that suits you depends on your style and bone structure.
              Since the length and other details are listed for each product, we recommend that you choose the size by comparing it with the clothes you already own.

              Are the products genuine?

              As for the products, they are genuine products purchased directly from overseas shops.

              We keep costs down by simplifying sales and packaging only at the online shop, and offer them at reasonable prices.

              Bishu Lolita is also a genuine consignment product from Bishu Lolita .

              Which pannier should I choose?

              We propose panniers that match your desired dress.

              Please feel free to contact us via chat or contact with the URL and size of the dress you want.

              We also accept inquiries by DM on Twitter and Instagram .

              We also introduce how to choose a pannier on our blog. You can check it here .

              Do you have favorites?

              RonRon does not currently have a Favorites feature.
              We apologize for the inconvenience.

              As an alternative to the favorites function, there are functions as follow: Please use it if you like.

              • Use "Share this product" to share on LINE keep memo or SNS such as Instagram
              • Add to cart ( The cart will be retained for 14 days. If you enter your e-mail address in the contact information on the checkout screen , the contents of your cart will be sent to you by e-mail.)

              Do you have a gift wrapping service?

              We do not offer gift wrapping services.

                Please tell me about instant delivery products

                See all ready-to-ship items

                *Instant delivery items refer to items for which "Immediate delivery" is selected on the "Delivery" tab among instant delivery items . Limited size and color.

                • We will ship from our domestic warehouse (Aichi Prefecture) within 3 business days after your order (convenience store payment or bank transfer payment) .
                • It will be delivered by Yu-Pack. Delivered the next day after shipping at the shortest. Click here for details on the number of delivery days (Please enter "460-0007" in the "postal code of the sender" and the postal code of the delivery destination in the "postal code of the destination").
                • Please note that orders for only small items may be delivered by letter pack, click post, etc.
                • Delivery may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather. Please note that even in that case, we will not be able to cancel your order or issue a refund.
                • If you order regular items or reserved items at the same time, they will be shipped separately.
                • Yu-Pack parcels taken home due to absence will not be redelivered unless requested by the customer. If the storage period expires after 7 days due to absence, it will be returned to us, so please be sure to request a redelivery.
                • If the item is returned to us due to the above, in principle, we will not redeliver it. In addition, we will charge the full amount of the actual cost of the delivery, such as the actual cost of the round-trip shipping fee + administrative fee (1,980 yen or 6%) as a cancellation fee. The same is true for orders with free shipping. Click here for details


                About pre-order items, please be sure to read the following notes before ordering.

                Please note that at the time of placing an order, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following terms.

                (Pre-order products are a limited time received products. After the order period ends, production will begin at the manufacturer.)

                [About the product]

                • The product image is a sample and the specifications are subject to change. Even in this case, we cannot accept cancellations.
                • Since the product is imported from overseas, the package may be opened for inspection during customs clearance.

                [About shipping]

                • Shipping times are listed on each product page.
                • If you order other products at the same time, shipping will be as follows.
                  • If you order regular items and reserved items at the same time, all items will be shipped together after all items are ready.
                  • In the case of simultaneous orders with instant delivery products, they will be shipped separately.
                • Shipping times are estimates and are subject to change depending on the number of orders.
                • Due to the closure of the factory due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection and other unforeseen circumstances, the shipping time may be delayed.
                • Even if you inquire about the specific shipping date and time, we will not be able to answer.
                • Notifications such as changes in the shipping schedule will be sent by email (info@ronron-lolita.com or ronron.lolita@gmail.com), so please make sure you have permission to receive them.
                • Even if the shipping time is later than the stated time, we cannot cancel or refund due to the nature of the product.

                [Payment by Convenience store payment / Bank transfer]

                • About convenience store payment and bank transfer, please pay by the following deadline (please note that the deadline is shorter than the deadline in the payment information email).
                Payment method Payment deadline
                Convenience store settlement 23:59 on the last day of the order acceptance period
                Bank transfer 14:00 on the last day of the order acceptance period
                • If the above deadline is passed, the order will be cancelled.
                • If payment is made after the deadline, the amount after deducting a 5% cancellation fee and transfer fee will be refunded to your bank account.

                [Other points to note when purchasing]


                Please tell me the business hours and contact information of the customer service desk.

                Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)

                Phone: 052-684-6646

                Email: Please use the contact form