The volume, the silhouette, and the comfort. An impressive pannier that can be achieved with just one piece.

This is the second edition from LocoRon, a brand collaborated with Lococo✖️RonRon ! We are now selling original panniers ♡🎉

This is it ♡

The ultimate pannier made by Lolita ~ LocoRon pannier classic type ~

This time, it is worn by Lolita model Midori Fukasawa, too 💕

Easy-to-use 50 cm length that can be used with a wide range of clothes ♫

This is a very cute pannier with a rare gray gradation color 🩶

LocoRon panniers

This time, we put a lot of effort into choosing the fabric♡

The most distinctive feature of this pannier is the use of two materials : organdy and Japan's unique tulle fabric (hereinafter referred to as tulle).

Thin and soft organdy and thick and firm tulle.

By using these two different materials, Lolita's

  • You can't get the volume you want with just one pannier.
  • I don’t want to look overdressed😔💦
  • Clothes, panniers, drawers...I have so many things to wear and it's heavy.
  • I'm worried about stuffiness because I'm wearing layers💧

We have created a product that can solve your problems.


~Four things that come true because of LocoRon panniers~

① Just this one! Creates fluffy volume

Panniers are essential to Lolita fashion. It's such an important item that a single silhouette can change the look of your outfit.

However, it's difficult to find panniers that match your clothes. Even if you finally bought panniers, you may have had a hard time choosing panniers because you couldn't get the volume you wanted with just one pannier, so you had to wear multiple panniers, or you had to look for new panniers. Or?

The LocoRon pannier I would like to recommend to such lolitas♡

If you have this, one piece is perfect! Fluffy volume design down to the calculated hem♡

When you spin around, your clothes sway and it’s so cute ♡

(It's so different compared to panniers of the same weight...!👀)


② Too ideal ♡ Beautiful A-line silhouette

Elegant and classic Lolita clothes are cute, but you don't want to look too bulky.

Admiring the round volume of Lolita clothes, I decided to try on a dress and panniers... What? There's too much volume around the waist, making you look bulky💦

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Before you give up and think that Lolita clothes don't suit you, try choosing LocoRon panniers ♡

LocoRon panniers have organdy sewn a little further away from the waist to create a neat A-line silhouette around the waist!

The best position I found after trying various positions✨

This is a pannier like never before that has volume but doesn't get bulky.


③Wear it and feel it! Light as a feather

Lolita clothing has more decorations and fabric than regular clothing such as shirts. Clothes tend to get heavy just by wearing them, but there are so many things to wear such as panniers, drawers, tights, etc.

LocoRon panniers were created to ease the physical burden on Lolitas.

You'll notice how light it is when you brush it.

Volumetric panniers tend to be heavy due to the increased amount of fabric, but the two distinctive materials of LocoRon panniers are the secret to their lightness.

By combining organdy that contains plenty of air with tulle that can create a three-dimensional effect with a small amount, it is overwhelmingly lighter than other companies' panniers with the same volume!

LocoRon Pannier

(This is what it looks like when matched with long length...♡)


④ Excellent breathability ♪ Comfortable all day long

One of the concerns for Lolitas, who wear many layers of clothing and are prone to sweating, is "stuffiness."

Especially in the summer, panniers can stick to your feet and make you feel uncomfortable.

Some people may think that it can't be helped when they are wearing panniers. This is because most of the materials used for panniers are nylon or polyester. It has excellent quick-drying properties, so even if it gets wet, it dries quickly. It has its advantages, but it doesn't absorb moisture so it tends to get stuffy.

Therefore, we focused on the mesh of tulle.

By using a material with a large mesh to create air passages, we have created panniers with excellent breathability that won't get stuffy even when worn for long hours.

LocoRon panniers


Isn't tulle tingling?

You may be thinking, "Hard fabric will hurt if it hits your skin."

It's true that you can't truly enjoy cute clothes if your feet are tingling.

Rest assured! LocoRon panniers are lined. It is designed to be longer than the tulle part , so the tulle will not touch your skin. It's designed so that you can't touch it directly !

LocoRon panniers

As a result, the panniers are less likely to cause pain around the knees when walking or sitting.

In addition, the lining is made of a soft, high-quality Japanese knit material ♡ The fabric is moisturizing and comfortable against the skin, making it a pannier for Lolitas that prioritizes comfort when worn. !


Impressions from customers who actually wore it ♡

At the event [Bishu Lolita x RonRon Tokyo POP] held on December 1, 2023, participating customers tried on the new panniers.

“I really like the bulge in the panniers!”

"The silhouette is the best!"

“Many panniers are cramped, but these are different!”

...and many more happy comments ♡ We especially received praise for the good silhouette, lightness and comfort when worn ☺️


LocoRon - Our Thoughts -

The production period for this pannier is two years. Chocolat, the owner of Lococo, who has been a Lolita for 15 years, said, "I want to create voluminous panniers with a beautiful silhouette that Lolitas can easily wear without getting tired," and we at RonRon also said, "We don't want to compromise.'' I have faced the problem of. It was especially difficult to add volume to the hem, so we made prototypes and tried them on over and over again, checking for defects and comfort, always working from the customer's perspective.

Our goal at LocoRon is to continue to support Lolita's "cuteness.''

We hope that someday people will say, "When you think of panniers, you think of LocoRon,'' so we will continue to make improvements even after sales, and we hope to create panniers that will be loved for 10 to 15 years.

LocoRon panniers


Now! You can get it at a great price ♡🛍️

This pannier is filled with LocoRon's thoughts.

As a first-time sales benefit, the regular price is 22,000 yen...

Only now ♡ You can purchase it for 16,500 yen ♡ (25% OFF!)

Hurry up as quantities are limited 💨 (Once supplies last, it will be sold at the regular price of 22,000 yen.)

It's a ready-to-ship item, so don't worry if you're in a hurry ♪ We'll deliver it right away ♪

Searching for the ideal because you can't see it♡

I would be happy if I could help you live a comfortable lolita life♪


LocoRon original socks are also on sale ♡

Torsion lace socks worn by Midori Fukasawa [Set discount now available]

Click here for the article♡

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