『IDOL FILE Vol.27 Lolita&Gothic』『IDOL FILE Vol.28 Lolita&Gothic』にRonRonが衣装協力いたしました

RonRon collaborated on costumes for "IDOL FILE Vol.27 Lolita&Gothic" and "IDOL FILE Vol.28 Lolita&Gothic"

RonRon provided costumes for “IDOL FILE Vol.27 Lolita&Gothic” and “IDOL FILE Vol.28 Lolita&Gothic”

Vol.27: Released on Friday, December 16, 2022
Vol.28: Released on Friday, December 23, 2022

This is a special feature on cute Lolita fashion from a total of 40 idols.

Purchase at Tower Records, HMV, large bookstores nationwide, Amazon, etc.📕

Click here for IDOL FILE cooperation costume list

Cooperation costumes (some)

↑Hinako Asbestos wore a lace stand-up collar retro blouse and flower vase elegant claroli skirt !

▷ Click here for the items worn by Hanna Eien <br>Sweet loli lolita dress with pearl and pink sash ribbon

Click here for items worn by Kino Yoshinagi

Strawberry Teddy bear sweet loli short sleeve dress

Click here for items worn by Miruka Seto

Twilight Egyptian Lolita Halter Neck Jumper Skirt

Click here for items worn by Kanon Koizumi

Chinese Hanfu Style Gradient Lolita Dress

Click here for items worn by Nagisa Tsuki

Red petal dress long sleeve classical lolita dress

🎀 Click here for the products RonRon provided costumes for.

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