You can try on RonRon's clothes at the Lolita rental "GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd" in Tokyo!

What is Lolita Rental?

This is a plan that you can rent Lolita clothes at GiGO Ikebukuro Building 2nd. You can take pictures at photo spot  and  photo sticker booth in the store. In addition, you can go out wearing the costumes.

* Lolita rental is a service provided by GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd. Please contact GiGO Ikebukuro No. 2 for detail of the service .

You can check the price plan on "GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd's" twitter and instagram !




You can rent RonRon's clothes at the lolita rental event which is currently being held at "GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd"♪

Please check the lineup below.

Rental Items at GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd

This time, RonRon has provided Chinese Lolita and Japanese Lolita items♡
In addition to the above RonRon items, they are handling many Chinese Lolita and Kimono items.

Are you interested in Chinese Lolita or Japanese-Lolita, but don't know what to buy?  In addition, if you're worried about buying it because you don't know if it'll suit you, why not rent one and try it out?

*Currently, only S size or XS size is available. We will let you know when items and sizes are expanded! !


↓ RonRon's most popular Japanese Lolita ☆ You can rent this dress too ♡



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