fanfancy+ with GiGO原宿のレンタル衣装で、RonRon取扱いのお洋服が楽しめます💓

You can enjoy RonRon's clothes with fanfancy+ with GiGO Harajuku rental costume store💓

Let's go out fashionably with Chinese lolita / Japanese lolita rental ♫

fanfancy+ with GiGO , which is opened in Harajuku on 7/25, is a popular spot as a shop and cafe specializing in supporting promotions✨

This is the shop where you can enjoy together with your "Oshi" with the concept of "date with your Oshi", such as selling cute acrylic frames for Oshikatsu, original food and drinks, and miniature photo spots where you can take cute pictures of your Oshi.

One of the popular contents of fanfancy+ with GiGO is the "Rental Costume" where you can wear RonRon's Chinese-lolita and Japanese-lolita items♪

Rentals at our sister store GiGO Ikebukuro 2nd Building in Ikebukuro have been popular, so we have RonRon clothing available this time as well🎀

Japanese loli rental


Not only can you take photos at the photo spot in the store, but you can also wear it when you go out ✨

* Lolita rental is a service provided by fanfancy+ with GiGO. Please check the Instagram of fanfancy+ with GiGO for details such as fees.


Click here for the lineup of Chinese Lolita and Japanese Lolita we handle ↓

fanfancy+ with GiGO Harajuku rental products


If you're interested in Chinese Lolita/Japanese Lolita but don't know what to buy or don't know if it suits you and then you're worried about buying one out of the blue, why not try it out by renting it first?

You can also coordinate twins with your friends 🎀

Japanese loli rental

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