Please be careful not to write the shipping address and name incorrectly.

Dear customers

Thank you for always using RonRon.

Recently, the delivery address has not been correctly entered when placing the order is placed, and there has been an increase in the number of cases where information such as street address, town name, building name, room number, etc. is missing .

In addition, for regular products, pre-order products, and pre-order products, the recipient's full name is required because they are ordered overseas and are required for customs clearance (orders cannot be placed with only the last name, company name, or nickname).

Regarding missing shipping address information, our staff is manually checking the information, so it may take more time than usual to contact you via email and correct the information.

Until you contact us with the correct shipping address information, we will stop arranging the product and delivery time will be delayed accordingly.

In addition, if we determine that we are unable to deliver the product due to reasons such as not receiving correct delivery information even after contacting you several times, we will cancel your order. In that case, please note that we will charge you the administration fee stated in the refund policy etc. as a cancellation fee.

When you place the order, please double check that your shipping address and name are correct.


Thank you very much for your support.

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