Please be sure to check before purchasing pre-order items

About pre-order items, please be sure to read the following notes before ordering.

Please note that at the time of placing an order, you are deemed to have agreed to all of the following terms.

(Pre-order products are a limited time received products. After the order period ends, production will begin at the manufacturer.)

[About the product]

  • The product image is a sample and the specifications are subject to change. Even in this case, we cannot accept cancellations.
  • Since the product is imported from overseas, the package may be opened for inspection during customs clearance.

[About shipping]

  • Shipping times are listed on each product page.
  • If you order other products at the same time, shipping will be as follows.
    • If you order regular items and reserved items at the same time, all items will be shipped together after all items are ready.
    • In the case of simultaneous orders with instant delivery products, they will be shipped separately.
  • Shipping times are estimates and are subject to change depending on the number of orders.
  • Due to the closure of the factory due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection and other unforeseen circumstances, the shipping time may be delayed.
  • Even if you inquire about the specific shipping date and time, we will not be able to answer.
  • Notifications such as changes in the shipping schedule will be sent by email ( or, so please make sure you have permission to receive them.
  • Even if the shipping time is later than the stated time, we cannot cancel or refund due to the nature of the product.

[Payment by Convenience store payment / Bank transfer]

  • About convenience store payment and bank transfer, please pay by the following deadline (please note that the deadline is shorter than the deadline in the payment information email).
Payment method Payment deadline
Convenience store settlement 23:59 on the last day of the order acceptance period
Bank transfer 14:00 on the last day of the order acceptance period
  • If the above deadline is passed, the order will be cancelled.
  • If payment is made after the deadline, the amount after deducting a 5% cancellation fee and transfer fee will be refunded to your bank account.

[Other points to note when purchasing]