You can definitely get it! Post on Instagram and get a 1,000 yen OFF coupon

Purchaser-limited privilege 1,000 OFF coupon

You will definitely get a 1,000 yen OFF coupon that you can use next time when you post RonRon's product image!
<How to post on Instagram>
1. Take a picture (jumper skirt, dress, dress, any product is OK)
2. Tag this account in your Instagram feed or story and post
3. We will check the post, so please wait a moment *We will introduce (repost) your wonderful paintings on our account as a reference for the next customer, and also post them on other SNS, online shops, etc.
<Flow to gift>
For those who post, we will send you a 1,000 yen OFF coupon with no time limit by DM on Instagram.
Customers who purchased before the campaign started are also eligible, so we look forward to your support and contributions!

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